Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.5 is Available!

Receiver for Windows 4.5 is available for download now. This release supports the Windows 10 anniversary update and adds important HDX enhancements, and also simplifies the configuration for Receiver.LTSR and CR model

Citrix introduced two delivery options for Receiver for Windows – Long Term Service Release (LTSR) and current release. The recently released Receiver for Windows 4.4.2000 is the cumulative update on top of the Receiver for Windows 4.4 LTSR release, which includes only bug fixes and security fixes. Receiver for Windows 4.5 is the current release, which includes new features in addition to the bug fixes and security fixes.

Enabling the HDX enhancements from XenApp, XenDesktop 7.11

  • HDX 3D Pro now enables hardware encoding using NVIDIA’s NVENC technology. Receiver for Windows 4.5 supports the hardware-encoded graphics, which gives better scalability on the server with best possible quality.
  • Support for selective H.264 with the HDX Thinwire codec, that provides the benefit of lower bandwidth use for the video content combined with the sharpness of text in applications elsewhere on the screen. In addition, there are optimizations in caching that result in further reduction in bandwidth requirement.
  • Relative mouse support improves the user experience of simulator applications. Users can enable the relative mouse support on the fly in a desktop session from the desktop viewer toolbar.
  • Twain 2.0 support lets users access image processing applications, which use the TWAIN 2.0 scanning protocol over XenApp and XenDesktop
  • USB Audio per user setting: Now audio devices can be used simultaneously in a Xenapp and XenDesktop session via USB redirection and optimized audio devices. USB audio devices that can be redirected can now be configured on a per user basis, so that the user can control how to use the devices.

Simplified configuration

SSON Configuration check:

SSON (pass-though authentication) configuration involves number of steps required for a secure single sign-on solution. Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.5 introduces the SSON configuration checker in advanced preferences, which enables the admin to identify if certain steps are missed in the configuration. This tool also gives the suggestions to the admin on how to correct the configuration.


In addition, there is a detailed KB article CTX133982 that describes how to configure Single sign on, with step-by-step procedure.

You can also refer the video on step-by-step SSON configuration.

If you still get into an issue in configuration, you can refer this video for troubleshooting the SSON configuration issues with Receiver diagnostic tool

Settings dialog for shortcuts and workspace control

Now, users can control how they want to see the shortcuts in the start menu or desktop, to group in a folder or not. The new setting also allows users to enable or disable workspace control.


Single ADMX file

All the settings from different ADMX files are merged in a single ADMX file, making it simple for admin to push the group policy settings to the user device. Also, all the Receiver policies are now grouped under a single node in the group policy editor, as shown in the screenshot below.


Now you can also configure the NetScaler Gateway URL in ADMX and push as a group policy to the user device.

Smartcard authentication for PNA

This release enables the smartcard authentication for PNA protocol. This is targeted for the environments where Web Interface is still used and smartcard authentication is required through the PNA protocol.

Please refer the product documentation on how to configure smartcard authentication from Receiver for Windows 4.5 to the Web Interface.

In addition, the add account flow is redesigned to make it more user friendly. Also giving an option to the user to suppress the add account window popup.


The KB article CTX135438 describes the accepted behavior for add account window.

3rd Party Auth Plugin SDK

This release also introduces the 3rd Party Auth Plugin SDK, which is a client counterpart to server-side Storefront Authentication Services SDK.

The plugin extension mechanism allows customizing and extending the client-side behavior during the authentication forms conversation. The plugins are very powerful, they can not only change forms appearance and behaviour, but also trigger actions like raising UI or accessing the network.

Update to the Receiver for Windows 4.5 and let us know how it works for you.

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