Installing and Configuring Citrix XenApp 7.7 – Part 3: Install VDA on Citrix Worker Server

Citrix_XenApp_7.7_Install_Virtual_Delivery_Agent_01 Click Start for the relevant product to enter the Installation Wizard.


Citrix_XenApp_7.7_Install_Virtual_Delivery_Agent_02 Select Virtual Delivery Agent for Windows OS.


Citrix_XenApp_7.7_Install_Virtual_Delivery_Agent_03 Wait


Citrix_XenApp_7.7_Install_Virtual_Delivery_Agent_04 Select Enable connections to a server machine and click Next.


Citrix_XenApp_7.7_Install_Virtual_Delivery_Agent_05 Accept the default selection and click Next.

Installing Citrix Receiver is optional. You may deselect Citrix Receiver, since this server will only publish apps.


Citrix_XenApp_7.7_Install_Virtual_Delivery_Agent_06 Add the Controller adress and click on Test Connection and Add for finish


Citrix_XenApp_7.7_Install_Virtual_Delivery_Agent_07 Click Next


Citrix_XenApp_7.7_Install_Virtual_Delivery_Agent_08 Accept the default selection and click Next.

This installs all the necessary components for the Virtual Delivery Agent


Citrix_XenApp_7.7_Install_Virtual_Delivery_Agent_09 Accept the default selection and click Next.

Windows firewall is configured automatically.


Citrix_XenApp_7.7_Install_Virtual_Delivery_Agent_10 Check the configuration


Citrix_XenApp_7.7_Install_Virtual_Delivery_Agent_11 Click Install to start the installation.

The machine needs to reboot after some of the components have been installed.

The installation continues automatically after reboot


Citrix_XenApp_7.7_Install_Virtual_Delivery_Agent_12 The Virtual Delivery Agent is installed automatically, including any missing prerequisites. The process takes about 5-10 minutes.


Citrix_XenApp_7.7_Install_Virtual_Delivery_Agent_13 A message will appear stating The machine needs to be restarted before the
installation can continue. Click Close and the VM will reboot.


Citrix_XenApp_7.7_Install_Virtual_Delivery_Agent_14 Please wait while the machine configures Windows and reboots.

Do not turn off the computer.

Installation continues automatically after reboot


Citrix_XenApp_7.7_Install_Virtual_Delivery_Agent_15 Wait the Virtual Delivery Agent installation Finalization


Citrix_XenApp_7.7_Install_Virtual_Delivery_Agent_16After installation succeeds, do the following:

  1. Restart the machine.
  2. Install the apps you want to publish in XenApp.

Any questions or queries, then please let me know below.



Abdoulaye WAGUEInstalling and Configuring Citrix XenApp 7.7 – Part 3: Install VDA on Citrix Worker Server

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