Installing and Configuring Citrix XenApp 7.7 – Part 4: Create Machine Catalog

A machine catalog is a collection of desktops or physical computers that are managed as a single entity. To deliver applications and desktops to users, the machine administrator creates a catalog of machines and the assignment administrator allocates machines from the machine catalog to users by creating delivery groups.

Citrix_XenApp_7.7_Create_Machine_Catalog_01 Click Set up machines under the Machine Catalog option (2).


Citrix_XenApp_7.7_Create_Machine_Catalog_02 Click Next.


Citrix_XenApp_7.7_Create_Machine_Catalog_03 To deliver server hosted apps and desktops, select Windows Server OS.

Click Next.


Citrix_XenApp_7.7_Create_Machine_Catalog_04 Click Next.


Citrix_XenApp_7.7_Create_Machine_Catalog_05 Click Add Computer and select the machine.



Now, the machine was imported,

Click Next.


Citrix_XenApp_7.7_Create_Machine_Catalog_07 Provide a name for the catalog, and optionally, a description to identify the type of machines in this catalog.


Citrix_XenApp_7.7_Create_Machine_Catalog_08 Click Next.


Citrix_XenApp_7.7_Create_Machine_Catalog_09 Wait


Citrix_XenApp_7.7_Create_Machine_Catalog_10 The Machine Catalog was created succesfully



The next step is the creation of a Delivery Groups

Any questions or queries, then please let me know below.



Abdoulaye WAGUEInstalling and Configuring Citrix XenApp 7.7 – Part 4: Create Machine Catalog

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