Installing and Configuring Citrix XenApp 7.7 – Part 5: Create Server OS Delivery Groups

Delivery Groups are collections of users given access to a common group of resources. Delivery Groups contain machines from your Machine Catalogs, and Active Directory users who have access to your Site. Often it makes sense to assign users to your Delivery Groups by their Active Directory group because both Active Directory groups and Delivery Groups are ways of grouping together users with similar requirements.Each Delivery Group can contain machines from more than one Machine Catalog, and each catalog can contribute machines to more than one Delivery Group, but each individual machine can only belong to one Delivery Group at a time. You can set up a Delivery Group to deliver applications, desktops, or both.You define which resources users in the Delivery Group can access. For example, if you want to deliver different applications to different users, one way to do this is to install all the applications you want to deliver on the master image for one Machine Catalog and create enough machines in that catalog to distribute among several Delivery Groups. Then you configure each Delivery Group to deliver a different subset of the applications installed on the machines.


Select option 3 in the First Run Wizard to set up Delivery Groups



click Next.



Select the Server machine catalog in the table. The wizard displays the total number of machines available in each catalog.

Click to add the number of machines you want in the group. In this example, we only add one machine.

click Next.



Select applications as delivery type.

click Next.



Assign the user group from Active Directory with permission to use the machines in this group.

Click Next.



XenApp 7.6 offers bulk publishing of apps, saving time and making it simple.

Select the apps you wish to publish, and click Next.



Accept defaults and use the automatically created StoreFront Store

Click Next.



The last step is to enter a display name (the label shown in Citrix Receiver) and a delivery group name (more descriptive, to identify the group in the management console).






The delivery group is created in a couple of minutes. Double-click the group name to view details.



Applications are visible

Any questions or queries, then please let me know below.



Abdoulaye WAGUEInstalling and Configuring Citrix XenApp 7.7 – Part 5: Create Server OS Delivery Groups

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